WeDo Projects

WeDo is a company specialized in the management of international, complex, and distributed research and innovation projects based in Barcelona. WeDo works with a miscellany of stakeholders from both public and private sectors, applying a strategic, holistic, and lean project management approach to create an effective collaborative framework for results-driven decision-making and performance.WeDo leverages on the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, with complementary backgrounds and a track record of 14 years in international collaborative projects, with special attention to EC-funded projects since FP6 (including ICT, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, NMP, IMI-JU, SSH, SWAFS), among other programmes and funding schemes. WeDo professionals are an asset for the strategic planning, the project management, the financial and legal assessment, the exploitation and IPR management, the knowledge management, the business and sustainability planning, and the design and implementation of dissemination and communication strategies of projects. As a result of working over many years with companies, research centres and universities in the Health sector, this team has a track record in the valorisation of research results and innovation processes arising from patient data-related projects.