About B-30

The B-30 is one of the key industrial hubs for innovation, research and entrepreneurship in Southern Europe. Its assets include the Parc de l’Alba and its synchrotron radiation facility, as well as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and numerous research centers, businesses and industrial parks. It is therefore an area of great economic vitality, and offers a wide range of opportunities to companies and economic actors. The Àmbit B30 Association constitutes the key contributor to its continued development.

The name of B-30 comes from B30 highway, which is one of the most important traffic hubs in all of Catalonia. It passes through numerous towns that surround Barcelona and encompasses half of the Catalan industrial network.

Some figures:

  • an area of 485 km2
  • more than 6,579 ha. of industrial land
  • 1,018,166 inhabitants
  • 30,173 companies
  • 387,478 employees
  • 195 economic activity areas
  • 24 business centers and areas of economic activity

Industry & Business

Àmbit B30 is situated in the center of the Barcelona-Lyon megaregion, one of Europe’s most active and represents one of Catalonia’s main industrial areas. There are around 1,300 industrial sector companies that have a medium-high/high level of technology and place a clear emphasis on exportation. They are the so-called exporters: companies that have been exporting products over the last four years.

Civil Society

The B-30 area has a population of 1 million inhabitants, distributed in 23 municipalities. The B-30 have a greater intensity of population growth in comparison with the metropolitan area of Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia, and has a rate of young population higher than the metropolitan area of Barcelona and that the whole of Catalonia.

Legislation & Policy

The Association Area B-30, is a non-profit organization, participated by a broad representation of the councils of the territory, companies and associations business, as well as universities, research centers and social actors.

There are three levels of government:

  • The national and Catalonian governments: industrial and research policies;
  • the province of Barcelona: economic promotion and inter-municipal work;
  • city governments: policies and economic development efforts become reality, and which favor this process of cooperation.

Research & Education

In the B30 there are more than 60 research centers, mostly members of the Autonomous University of Barcelona Sphere, about 10 science and technology parks and 15 university centers are located in the area around the B30, leading the advanced educational strategy of the region.

For example, the Alba Synchroton is a global point of reference for the research and development of new technologies. It is the engine of scientific and corporate competitiveness not only for Catalonia and Spain, but for Southern Europe as a whole.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 824588.

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