SeeRRI Process

SeeRRI public deliverables

Report on SEERRI methodological guidelines for active mapping

This report presents common procedure and guidelines to be followed to implement a comprehensive mapping exercise of R&I ecosystems and RRI inclusion in regional development policies and other policy instruments and planning tools.

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Report on R&I ecosystem mapping of the territories from a comparative perspective

This report presents the results of the systematic quantitative mapping of the three territorial R&I ecosystems selected as cases in SeeRRI –Nordland, Lower Austria, and B30 –in terms of (i) their R&I actorsof different organizational types, (ii) being engaged in R&I activitiesof different forms, and (iii) the actors’ R&D collaborationsand their engagement in regional, national and international networks.

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RRI within regional development policies: the case of Catalonia, Lower Austria and Norland

This report will describe to what extent RRI principles have been included in existing territorial and regional development policies in the SeeRRI territories. It will include guidelines and recommendation for the integration of RRI in spatial and urban planning.

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Thesaurus of conceptual framework of self-sustaining R&I ecosystems

As main outcome of Task 4.2 this report presents the preliminary SeeRRI Conceptual Framework, whose purpose is to help policy-makers and practitioners in developing RRI-enabled, self-sustaining R&I ecosystems addressing main societal challenges. The Framework is built on state-of-the-art systems and complexity thinking, profiting from a wide domain of concepts, presented here as the SeeRRI Thesaurus. Both the Framework and the Thesaurus are applicable to SeeRRI itself and beyond.

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Evaluation Plan

This report presents a comprehensive plan for the evaluation SeeRRI project’s activities at both organizational level and territorial level as well as the measurement of the concrete outputs and outcomes of these activities.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 824588.

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