Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe through

Responsible Research and Innovation

The SeeRRI project

SeeRRI is a joint project of 12 partner organizations from five countries, financed by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme. In SeeRRI we are developing a framework for integrating the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into regional Smart Specialisation policy. In a nutshell, we want to find a new way for all actors to collaborate in research and innovation activities based on a responsible mindset. While doing so, we are also implementing the principles of RRI in our own organizations.

SeeRRI project has 12 partners from 5 countries
(Norway, Austria, Spain, Israel, Italy)

SeeRRI framework is built based on 3 pilot territories, and also involves a Network of Affiliated
Territories (NAT) for comments and feedbacks.

Project activities

SeeRRI partners with the LARS project

SeeRRI partners with the LARS project

Always delighted to collaborate and share knowledge with like-minded projects, SeeRRI jumped at the chance to team up with the LARS (Learning Among Regions on Smart Specialisation) project. Through its consortium of partners from various European countries, LARS helps...

RRI in regional planning processes: Lessons from Nordland

RRI in regional planning processes: Lessons from Nordland

The SeeRRI project was the focus of an interesting blog post just published by AFINO, a network and learning centre for responsible research and innovation in Norway. Established in 2019, the aim of this network of university partners and research projects is to...

Facts in brief

Funding organization
H2020-Swafs 14/2018
January 2019 – June 2021
Funding amount
2,031,612.50 €
Nordland Research Institute (NRI)
The SeeRRI Consortium is a balanced, complementary and transdisciplinary team formed by12 organisations from three European Member States (Austria, Spain and Italy) and two Associated Countries (Norway and Israel), interacting with an extensive network of Stakeholders from 3 selected territories that will provide relevant feedback at several stages of the project. The partners come from all quadruple-helix actors, government (regional authorities), business (economic cluster and SMEs), academic (research institutes and universities), and civil societal organisation (confederation of
Nordland Research Institute (NRI)
Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
The INNAXIS Foundation and Research Institute (INX)
WeDo | Project intelligence made easy (WeDo)
Research and Innovation Management GmbH (RIM)
University of Haifa (UH)
University of Bologna (UNIBO)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Generalitat de Catalunya (GENCAT)
Ecoplus Niederösterreichs Wirtschftsagentur (ECOPLUS)
Nordland County (NCC)
NHO Nordland (NHO)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 824588.

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RIS3 must include constant learning and reflection on the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of actions
SeeRRI aims to promote reflexibility by formulating alternative future scenarios and analysing crucial factors for the different pathways


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