Call for papers: “Institutional Change for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”

SeeRRI coordinator Nhien Nguyen and RRI expert René von Schomberg will be guest editors of a Special issue on “Institutional Change for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)” to be published in The Learning Organization journal next year.

Responsible Research and Innovation has been key issue in the Horizon 2020 EU programme and has been included as an operational objective of Horizon Europe (2021-2027). One of the key factors on the path to achieving socially responsible innovation is activating collective responsibility for the organisational innovation process, getting stakeholders involved in co-creating and co-designing RRI practices and policies.

With this in mind, this special issue will focus on how RRI is being treated and applied in organisational learning and learning organisations. The aim is to explore the institutional changes required to make RRI a reality and the role of organisational learning in this change process.

If you wish to join the discussion, you can submit papers on a wide range of topics exploring the connections between RRI and learning organisations/organisational learning. For instance, how learning organisations can be responsible innovators or what institutional changes are needed to implement RRI within organisations.

The deadlines for submissions are as follows:
Abstract (500 words max): 31 January 2021
Full paper (7000 words max): 31 March to 30 June 2021

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