SeeRRI transnational learning workshop

The aim of SeeRRI’s series of transnational learning workshops is to create a space for mutual learning about RRI practices in a territorial R&I ecosystem. The second workshop organised by GENCAT, UAB and NRI on 1 March focused on “The role of quadruple helix actors in building a responsible R&I ecosystem”.

Participants from academia, business, government and civil society came together to discuss the roles of the different kinds of institutions in building sustainable and responsible R&I ecosystems.

The quadruple helix representatives were broken up into different groups to brainstorm the actions their particular community can take to contribute to an RRI ecosystem. The work groups also delved further into the topic by considering how they can make sure that the RRI dimensions are integrated into the actions.

For example, the group representing academia suggested bridging the gap between academia and other actors and reaching out to the public. The policymaker group highlighted using public procurement to drive the role of R&I and purchasing from small innovative businesses. Business & industry representatives stressed embedding the social and environmental impact as part of the innovation process. The group representing civil society actors brought attention to the importance of using multiple channels of communication to reach wider audiences.

All of the suggestions made at the workshop will lay the groundwork for progressing to the subsequent stage. To advance the process, SeeRRI’s next workshop will discuss the SeeRRI model and how to incorporate the various actors into the model.