SeeRRI presents at TeRRItoria project meeting

To mark the partnership between the two territorial RRI projects, TeRRItoria has invited SeeRRI project members to make a presentation at its upcoming project meeting to be held virtually on 14 January.

Also funded by the Horizon 2020 scheme, the TeRRItoria project aims to position regions and local authorities as places for science governance, education, public engagement, ethics and open access.

Given the similarity in focus of the projects, the two teams are taking steps to share their experience and know-how with a view to giving each other’s research and progress a boost.

This project meeting is a key opportunity as both projects will present the current status of the activities underway in each of their respective territories. After getting an update on the TeRRItoria project, SeeRRI representatives will give a general outline of the progress made in Nordland, B-30, and Lower Austria.

This will give everyone involved a clearer understanding of what the other project is undertaking and has achieved so far. It will also be an opportunity for discussion and questions about both TeRRItoria and SeeRRI activities.

This initial exchange of knowledge and experience will hopefully pave the wave for a fruitful collaboration in exploring common areas of interest and research.