Nordland Research Institute’s dissemination activities in spring 2019

Nhien Nguyen from Nordland Reseach Institute (NRI) has presented SeeRRI at several events in Norway during the spring of 2019, helping to create awareness of the project:


– In the course “EU Instruments for Research and Innovation” hosted by Nord University in collaboration with the Research Council of Norway, she introduced SeeRRI in the session “Examples of on-going H2020 projects in Nordland” on 11 March 2019.

– In the workshop “Arena for learning about possibilities with regard to EU research projects” hosted by North Norway European Office in collaboration with the High North Center, she addressed the importance of SeeRRI in the session “Sharing experiences of participating in Horizon 2020 projects” on 3 April 2019.

– At a gathering of EU advisors and EU National Contact Points organized by the Research Council of Norway, she spoke about SeeRRI in the session “Successful stories – how we made it” on 8 May 2019.