4th Lower Austria Stakeholder Workshop

Rabenstein, Austria was the location of SeeRRI’s fourth stakeholder workshop for Lower Austria. Held on 2 October 2020, this was the latest in a series of workshops focused on the polymer industry in Lower Austria.

It followed on from the July workshops where the stakeholders investigated the key factors of the local industry and developed future scenarios to reduce its Co2 emissions, stimulate environmentally-friendly production methods and save natural resources.

This time the focus was on actions. The purpose of the workshop was to come up with some initial actions to be taken in the polymer industry in Lower Austria in order to achieve the SeeRRI project goals of developing a framework for integrating RRI principles into regional policies.

Thanks to the collaborative teamwork of the workshop attendees, the group succeeded in identifying the first concrete consequences, measures and actions for the industry to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, make its production more environmentally friendly and save resources.

In the spirit of co-creation and collaboration, the participating stakeholders made the most of this opportunity to pool their know-how and ideas to advance the project onto its next stage.