2nd and 3rd Nordland Stakeholder Workshops

The second and third Nordland stakeholder workshop was held in Bodø, Norway on 14 October 2020.

As the key factors of the Nordland region had been identified at the previous workshop, the stakeholders now met to work on exploring various future scenarios for the development of the coastal zone in Nordland. In order to get the best out of the day, the proceedings began by giving the participants an outline of the workshop objectives and methods.

The key factors identified at the previous workshop were presented and then all of the stakeholders discussed how to develop different and distinct futures for each key factor.

Next the group worked together on investigating alternatives and how to build consistent bundles of alternatives. This was followed by more teamwork on outlining these initial future scenarios. After presenting the outcome of the work achieved, constructive feedback was shared as the team got ready to proceed to the next step of the project.

Organised in parallel with the second workshop held just the day before, the third workshop saw the stakeholders return to work on the next stage of the process. The goal on this occasion was to derive opportunities, risks, consequences and measures from the future scenarios identified for the development of the coastal zone in Nordland.

Using the key scenarios established at the previous workshop, the participants brainstormed possible additions and improvements to be made to such scenarios. The group then worked together on assessing the opportunities and risks of each scenario, while also investigating any unexpected events that could occur and their impact on the situation.

The core work of the day then focused on to deriving the first measures to be implemented to develop the Nordland region. Proceedings ended with some shared feedback and a look to the upcoming stages of the project.