1st Nordland Stakeholder Workshop

SeeRRI organised the first Nordland stakeholder workshop on 15 September 2020 in Bodø, Norway. These vision workshops are a key part of the SeeRRI method with regular meetings held at each of its pilot territories.

The purpose of this particular workshop was to analyse the environment and key factors of the Nordland region. SeeRRI gathered local stakeholders together in order to carry out a context analysis and define the influencing factors for the coastal zone in Nordland.

After a welcome and introduction to the workshop, participants were given an overview of the SeeRRI project and method. Then various members of the team gave talks about issues such as future thinking, influencing factors and the art of co-creation in order to help the workshopping process.

Then it was time for the key task of the day. All of the stakeholders discussed and analysed the key factors of the Nordland region that are relevant to responsible management of the local coastal areas.

Proceedings were wrapped up with participants sharing their thoughts and impressions. This was followed by a short summary of the workshop events and a look ahead to the next steps to be taken.