Science for Citizens: how science meets regions and cities

This workshop aims first to explore and demonstrate the potential of engaging citizens and decision-makers with science to address the challenges European regions and cities are facing. It will give an overview on ‘citizen science’ and its contribution to science, society and evidence-based policy making through providing examples of successful projects. ‘EU-Citizen.Science’, funded by the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 ‘Science with and for Society’ programme, aims to mainstream citizen science in Europe and present how cities and their citizens can already benefit from their outcomes.

We will also present the initiative ‘Science meets Parliaments & Regions’, which brings researchers and decision-makers together, and enhances the role of science in the policy-making process across fields at local, regional and European level. We will describe an innovative tool for co-creation of public policies involving the quadruple helix (government, academia, business and civil society) in order to produce sound solutions to local issues.

Finally, the workshop will showcase new ways of co-creation with multi-stakeholders in the process of developing Regional Research and Innovation strategies. SeeRRI, project funded by the European Commission, focuses on establishing responsible research & innovation ecosystems by integrating Smart Specialisation Strategy and RRI. TeRRItoria tackles a double challenge by bringing RRI at the forefront of the debate for developing local and regional R&I capacities and using RRI as a springboard for stakeholder involvement in regional R&I strategies under the framework of Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Space for debate with the audience will be devoted during the second half of the session.