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This elements can be easily customized

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You will find the calendar code below this text box

Click on the “enable visual builder” link at the top to edit the page contents

Page content will appear as blocks, when adding new code blocks, the blocks are not rendered in edit mode because these are custom code blocks, but the blocks are there, you can hover over them with your mouse to display the block options, click on the cog to edit the block.

If it gets difficult to on the code blocks you can click on the “edit page” link at the top, it will take you to the wordpress editor, in there the page will appear as a grid of boxes, it will be a lot easier to click on the elements and edit your code from there

I noticed the calendar has a fixed width, you can leave the width at 100%, it will adjust automatically, for example:

#wrapper {

width: 100%;


I think the best would be to remove margins and let it adjust to the container, later we can tweak the spacing with the visual builder tools

I added the twitter feed next to the youtube video as a test, I think it will look a lot better stacked that way but the feed has a margin at the right, maybe you can remove the margin so that the feed can take 100% of the container space. Later we can tweak the feed looks and spacing using the visual builder

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 824588.

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