AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is the largest non-university research institute in Austria. With its eight Centers, AIT regards itself as a highly specialised research and development partner for industry. Its researchers focus on the key infrastructure issues of the future: Energy, Health & Bioresources, Digital Safety & Security, Vision, Automation & Control, Mobility Systems, Low-Emission Transport, Technology Experience and Innovation Systems & Policy. In Austria, AIT has over 1.300 employees – mainly based at the main facilities in Vienna Giefinggasse, in Seibersdorf, in Wr. Neustadt, and in Ranshofen. The Center for Innovation Systems & Policy is a central node in national and international research and innovation networks. It is partner for public administration, companies, universities and research institutes as well as think tank and advisor for the Austrian and European policy. The Center for Innovation Systems & Policy deals with innovation management, technology management, innovation systems, complex systems and the theoretical framework of these. Various analytical approaches support the analysing and the mapping of the research and innovation systems for identifying emerging technologies and the network of agents behind. More specifically network analytics approaches, such as Social Network Analysis and advanced econometric techniques, from spatial econometrics and spatial interaction modelling helps to better understand on determinants and drivers of innovation dynamics. Research, technology development and innovation are of crucial importance for securing our economic well-being and for coping with major societal challenges. Therefore, the Center for Innovation Systems & Policy deals with current and future requirements for research and innovation systems. Forward-looking approaches by applying adequate methodologies help formulate RTI policy strategies for public authorities and firms.