Activities Update

  • The Nordland case was presented at the Missions Conference, organized by the Research Council of Norway, on 25/11/2020 (video/presentation)
  • Nordland stakeholder workshop has been reported by the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, you can find more information here.
  • An op-ed in the local newspaper Avisa Nordland about co-creating Nordland’s future can be found here.
  • Next steps: We are in the process of converting the workshops’ input into regional strategy. We will present the strategy to the Nordland stakeholders for feedback in late March 2021 (preferably on site, but possibly online). Please stay tuned, we will send out the invitation with more information later in the spring!

Nordland Stakeholder Workshops

Workshop 1: 15/9/2020 – Bodø ( program / keynote NRK News )
Workshop 2&3: 14-15/10/2020 ( program / summary of scenarios )

Nordland Webinars
Webinar 1: 18/6/2020 ( program / minutter )
Webinar 2: 27/8/2020 ( program )
Nordland interessentverksteder
Verksted 1: 15/9/2020 - Bodø ( program / grunnleggende / NRK nyheter )
Verksted 2&3: 14-15/10/2020 - Bodø (upcoming)
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