SeeRRI open access publication about RRI and learning organization

We are happy to send you our first publication connected to the SeeRRI project:

Hansen, J., Jensen, A. and Nguyen, N. (2020), “The responsible learning organization: Can Senge (1990) teach organizations how to become responsible innovators?”, The Learning Organization, Link

Short summary of the article: How can organizations become responsible innovators? We show how a “learning organization” is better able to practice RRI. Our findings suggest that practicing RRI may give companies a competitive advantage.

Acknowledgement: The funding utilized to finance the open access version of this paper stems from the project SeeRRI (grant agreement number 824588) and the project IAMRRI (grant agreement number 788361) funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

The paper can be download here: Link 

We hope you enjoy reading the article. Please feel free to spread it around!